A1 Dutch for beginners: Eten en drinken

Dutch (Nederlands) | 7 lessons. Lessons are scheduled in on request, in the afternoon hours. Individual classes possible.
Teacher: Maarten Arends
Course location: La Bellettsa, Kardinaal van Rossumplein 99, Maastricht
Price: € 149 (course materials included)

Dutch for beginners with Epimedium
Start learning Dutch in Maastricht. Practical, fast language course for foreigners / expats based on the unique Epimedium method. Getting a grip on the basics of the Dutch language in seven lessons -- and picking up useful insights on Dutch culture as well.

Epimedium A1 Dutch for beginners consists of four separate courses, each of which can be followed separately.

The build up of the Epimedium language courses is such that each course forms a whole and can be followed as a stand-alone course. What makes the Epimedium method unique is the fact that each beginnerís course is equally suitable for absolute beginners with no prior knowledge of Dutch and for those who have already followed one, two or three of the other Epimedium beginner's courses. After attending all four courses succesfully you will master Dutch at A1 level.

Course description
Eten en drinken / Food and drinks. Each Epimedium Dutch for beginners course is centered around other communicative themes and skills. In this course you will learn, amongst other things, to buy tickets, to order food and other stuff, to make reservations, how to pay, in hotels, restaurants, bars, railway stations, shops, etcetera. Each of the four basic skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing will be trained. The working language is Dutch, with explanations in other languages where necessary.

Course material
A binder with course material is included in the course price.

Maarten Arends is a developer of courses and founder of Epimedium.

Want to sign up for this course?
Mail to cursussen@epimedium.nl, or call (043) 3250149.


La Bellettsa
Kardinaal van Rossumplein 99
6221 SZ Maastricht
T (043) 325 0149 (ma-vr, 9-17 uur)
KvK 14063867